VOIP module

Teamyar VoIP module

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) means "Voice transmission through Internet Protocol" which is carried out in the combined platform of Internet and network. This technology provides the possibility of audio or video communication with the workplace for all users around the world (without time and place restrictions) using the network infrastructure, computers, mobile devices and IP phones, with a low cost on the network and the Internet. brings. Due to the increasing use of this technology in the processes of video conferencing, VOIC conference and internal corporate voice calls and its importance in the CRM system, Teamyar has made it possible to manage VIP technology inside Teamyar's ERP using various and required reports. Currently, this feature is possible in Teamyar using Isabel (Asterisk 11) software, and in the future, it will be possible to develop this product in other software with different versions. In this system, all calls made to users will be registered and managed, and users will be easily informed about their unanswered calls and... with notifications in Teamyar. Due to the integration of Tim Yar's VOIP system with other related modules (personal, profile and customer), it is possible to obtain various reports of how users and customers communicate and contact.

Key features of the VoIP module

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Communication with other modules




VoIP module subsystems


  • including profile number registration, line status, caller name, caller number, etc.


  • View live call details (in progress)


  • View the information of established calls


  • Making settings related to recording the protocol type and VoIP system IP
  • Enable/disable missed call notification, enable/disable voice message when absent