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Teamyar ERP Survey Management Module

The Survey Management Module in Teamyar ERP allows you to design and execute various types of tests, surveys, test plans, and questionnaires. The system provides the ability to create single or recurring surveys, test assessments and evaluations for employees and customers, weighted against criteria, selection of participants and multiple choice or open-ended question selection. Additionally, this module allows for defining key performance indicators (KPIs) for various processes and assess progress towards desired results.

Key features of the Survey Management module

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Interaction with other modules


Use the defined pattern in the supplier module settings for controlling the quantity and quality of incoming items to the organization.


Conducting quality and quantity control of incoming items to the organization.

Human Resource

  • Conducting human resource evaluation and linking the evaluation results to human resource files
  • Using the assessment results in the salary and compensation system


Record the results of the quality and quantity control process for final products

Portal (Website)

The ability to register customer feedback through the customer portal.

Survey Management Module Subsystems


  • Create categories for classification and sorting
  • Ability to create, edit, and delete categories
  • Test plan/ survey/ exam/ evaluation creation management
  • Define various quality control templates for different products with quantitative and qualitative parameters and specify the quality control responsible
  • Determining the location and tools for testing in defined test plans
  • Responding to questionnaires created through the website
  • Creating normal and periodic surveys (questionnaires) with the desired number of questions and answers
  • Creating quizzes with the ability to add a desired number of questions and answers
  • Creating evaluations with the ability to add criteria/ answers and determining the weights for criteria, answers, and evaluators, and determining the final score
  • Adding comments and attaching files to the history section of each survey/ exam/ evaluation
  • Viewing various types of questionnaires, exams, and evaluations, registering answers, and displaying results in the portal
  • Grading (percentage calculation) for each person and determining the overall evaluation score
  • Displaying results using Basic bar chart Displaying results using Wind rose chart
  • Displaying results using 360-degree Polar chart Access management


  • Create a template for a questionnaire, exam, and evaluation and use it in related modules.
  • Conduct periodic surveys within specific time frames.