Gateway module

You develop, Teamyar integrates "Gateway", a gate to infinity

The gateway module is a flexible, integrated, virtual module for Teamyar ERP software users. This module allows you to develop proprietary systems and software used in your business with any programming language and on any platform. See it as one of your team's ERP software modules, with the same integrity and without the slightest interference with other systems.

Flexibility to the power of 100

It doesn't matter what operating system you use or what language your software is written in. The gateway module allows you to view your software systems in the form of one of Teamyar's ERP software modules using HTTP and HTTPS protocols. The gateway module is a software interface that integrates your need for other systems with Teamyar ERP regardless of structural and functional differences. You develop your system according to your needs and see it in the heart of your team's ERP software. This will save you a lot of time and money. Also, your hand is always open for flexible development according to your business needs.

Key features of the gateway module

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The gateway module is no different from other Teamyar ERP software modules in terms of integration, flexibility and security. After developing and introducing your exclusive systems and displaying them in the ERP of your organization, you can control all accesses in the system and maintain data security. Zero to one hundred development of this module is at your disposal and the specialists of your organization. All you need to do is declare the need to activate this module.


Gateway module FAQ

It doesn't matter what programming language your development team uses. All the codes written by your specialists are sent to the gateway module with HTTP/HTTPS protocols and displayed inside the ERP software of your organization. Also, the software development platform is not important; Linux, Mac or Windows. Gateway modules can be developed and accessible with all platforms and all programming languages.


If the software you use has its own API, you can use it. Or, if you have developed the software yourself, you can design your own API and introduce it to Teamyaar ERP software. You can also use Teamyar APIs to introduce your software to Teamyar.


No, your software development in the gateway module should be in the form of a team-friendly UI. Of course, don't worry; Teamyar specialists will prepare all the documents and codes you need to define your software in the form of Teamyar UI and provide them to your development teams. Of course, using Teamyar's UI does not mean you are limited, but your hands are open to customizing Teamyar's ERP software. Only your designed UI framework should be in Teammate UI format.


The entire process of collecting, storing and sharing data is done by the user and on your organisation's servers and has nothing to do with the Teamyar database.


The module developed by you is no different from other Teamyar modules in terms of integration because it uses Teamyar API and UI.


To activate this module, you can contact the deployment and support unit.