Manufacturing Module

Teamyar ERP Manufacturing Module

The production process is a process that starts with analyzing customer and market needs, then continues with designing a roadmap, and ultimately leads to the creation of a product that meets the consumer's needs. The Teamyar Manufacturing Module is designed to digitize this process and streamline production paths for organizations. The ultimate goal of the manufacturing module is to provide the appropriate tools for implementing lean production by eliminating waste and enhancing relationships and processes in production businesses. The Teamyar Manufacturing Module covers all aspects of producing a product, from preparing the production formula and arranging production stages to defining production centers and assigning production units and the ability to define process flow charts (OPCs). This module provides all the necessary requirements for controlling the production by issuing single or group production orders for one or several production centers and recording the number of products produced in each center, calculating the materials and tools used, and connecting with relevant accounts. Ultimately, it makes it possible to achieve full cost with the least possible error. In order to plan the amount and time of purchase of raw materials in Teamyar's ERP manufacturing module, it is necessary to have the forecasting information of the future production along with the inventory of raw materials and warehouse information to be able to predict the amount of deficit and the need to purchase raw materials. This system causes the movement and transfer of information from one part to other parts of the organization and prevents the creation of duplicate information in the system and the supply of required materials when produced. This system can be customized for different manufacturing industries that manage the production process in different ways. From industries that use mass production to industries that use customized methods like ETO.

Key features of the Manufacturing Module

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Interaction with other modules


Ability to select a branch from the list of branches defined in the Branch module


Defining and setting production cost centers and linking accounts

Issuing financial documents such as production receipts and transfers


Sending the results of production planning

Controlling the project and sending production status reports

Sale Management

Sending information about reserved items in the material planning

Creating a production estimate based on the sales order

Human Resource

Sending information about work shifts and personnel performance.


Production line control, movement of inventories, and line feeding, as well as monitoring of production line stops and speeds


Definition of devices and machinery

Production module sending information of machinery and performance


Sending missing information and purchase request for goods/materials

Converting purchase request into purchase invoice

Sending material information on the way from suppliers

Quality Control

Sending production information and request for quality control

Sending quality control pattern information

Sending quality control results


Definition of the material and product specifications

Definition of the final product and semi-finished BOMs

Announcing the inventory status and tool status

Definition and segregation of product and waste inventory

Sending the material request to the warehouse from the production order

Recording of consumed and produced goods receipts and transfers

Sending information about waste

Record a bulk purchasing request for goods

Manufacturing Module Subsystems


  • Definition of Manufacturing operations
  • Definition of work centers (connection with accounting, human resource, administration system, product, assets)
  • Definition of production lines
  • Creation of process diagrams for OPC operations (connection with product and quality modules)
  • Timing of production operations on a detailed basis


  • Production forecasting (Master Production Schedule (MPS))
    • Forecast production volume based on sales order (interconnection with Sales module)
    • Forecast and record safety stock
    • Predict production needs by observing initial inventory, production order, and safety stock (interconnection with Product and Sales modules)
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP) management
    • The ability to select inventory from all warehouses in the materials planning section
    • Consolidation of the consumption material quantities for different master schedules into a single materials planning program for production and semi-finished products
    • Viewing semi-finished products and calculating the raw materials used in semi-finished products in inventory in the materials planning section
    • Prioritizing materials planning warehouses for inventory utilization and registering purchase requests for each planning period
    • Management of material inventory in warehouses (related to product module)
    • Management of materials in transit (related to purchasing module)
    • Management of reserved materials (related to sales module) Forecasting of required material purchases (related to purchasing module)
  • Manufacturing management and planning
    • Accurate production planning through scheduling and required production values
    • Automatic (SPT) and manual production scheduling and scheduling
    • Creating a project and viewing the production planning chart (related to the project module)


  • Issuance of production orders as single or group orders (MPS))
  • Automatic linking of group orders to semi-finished products and final products
  • Management of production bottlenecks
  • Correction of material shortages with material procurement requests (connection with purchasing and product modules)


  • Control of production deviations
  • Ability to assign materials and serial numbers to the consumed materials in the produced product
  • Ability to use finished raw materials as substitute goods in production
  • Ability to transfer existing consumed materials in the work-in-progress inventory to the waste and raw materials and products storage during production
  • Record of non-conformities
  • Record of stoppages (communication with the monitoring module)
  • Record of rework


  • Quality control of products at each stage of the production process (related to the quality module)
  • Organizational inspections for product release (related to the quality and product modules).


  • Receiving various types of detailed analysis ­and overview reports from all production stages (connection with branch modules, reporting)
  • Displaying all reports created in the production module widget (connection with branch modules, reporting)


  • Setting access based on user and user group for all modules of production (related to the system administration module).