Teamyar ERP HR module updates

This release note provides information about HR module new features

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June 16, 2024

Version : 4.46.5258.12642


    ✔️ perform GUI in leave balance page .

May 26, 2024

Version : 4.45.5228.12599

New feature:

    ✔️Professional tab in edit shifts of calendar (Rotating Shifts)

Professional tab in edit shifts of calendar (Rotating Shifts)


    ✔️Change tax list output according to new announced format

Fixed issues:

   ✔️Fix insurance reports in HR module to calculate delayed payslips values

May 5, 2024

Version : 4.44.5206.12550


   ✔️Improved the display of HR module notifications by adding its type title to links

  ✔️Separation of history and description display in the office description tab for personnel info

Fixed issues:

   ✔️Fixed a bug in detecting the type and total time in work or ever time

   ✔️Optimizing the display of orders in the orders filter tab

April 14, 2024

Version : 4.42.5185.12515


    ✔️The attendance widget style change .