Chat modules

Chat Module

The chat module is a tool for managing and viewing individual and group video, audio and text conversations. Using this messenger, users can create a video, audio and text conversations, send files in different formats, send emojis and modify documents; Also, this module can convert text to HTML. Among the capabilities of this module, we can point out the simultaneous communication of users and experts, the creation of a group and private space in the form of a conversation, and the possibility of restoring old conversations and searching in discussions. In this module, if the user has access to the site, after logging into the system, the user has the opportunity to communicate with the responsible expert. If the user enters the site as a guest, he can communicate with the users of different units based on the topics defined on the site. In this system, users can speak with the relevant expert through the Telegram bot based on the specified topics.

Key features of the chat module

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 Teamyar Chat Module

Communication with other modules


The chat module of portal users' communication through dialogue with the Teamyaar system


The link of group discussions created to all modules and sections of Teamyar

Chat module subsystems


  • Creating private and group conversations between internal and external users
  • Creating a communication channel with system and portal users
  • Archive of closed conversations
  • The presence of a professional text editor
  • Attach the file to the discussion and archive it in the documents module
  • Link of conversations created to all Teamyar modules
  • Print group messages and conversations
  • Separation of seen and unseen messages in group and private conversations
  • Show chat status based on its icon colour (green, grey or red)
  • Search for conversations in private message boxes and discussion groups
  • Searching for personal messages in both incoming and outgoing categories
  • Search group messages in public, private and unprocessed categories


  • Automatic closing of conversations
  • Automatic archiving of closed conversations
  • Maximum file upload size settings in conversations
  • Telegram bot setting