budget module

Teamyar ERP Budget Module

Budget and credit management are one of the most important management tools for monitoring revenue and estimated costs of a business. The budget module in Teamyar provides the ability to monitor and control budget operations and determine financial credits for a business. Due to the integration of the budget module with other modules in Teamyar, the user can gather analytical and composite reports in real-time, categorize and analyze them. This module meets the organization's needs in the budget and credit field completely by creating approved budgets and credits in different periods (monthly, quarterly, annually, and custom) and determining budget and credit-eligible accounts in two ways: "total to parts" and "part to total".

Key Features of Budget Module:

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Interaction with other modules


Regional time settings and related calendar settings for Gregorian, Solar, and Lunar calendars.


Invoking various events and selecting one event as the active event.


Invoking various events and selecting one event as the active event.

Customer Relations Management

Creating a new event and connecting to customers

Connecting events to invited customers.

The Budget module Subsystems


  • Definition of budget and credit periods as monthly, quarterly, yearly, or custom
  • Allocation of budget to plans, programs, and projects of an organization in a specific fiscal year
  • Budget and credit allocation control to accounts
  • Allocation of budget and credit to different organizational units
  • Determining budget acceptance of accounts and specifying total to parts or parts to total
  • Management and maintenance of defined budget and credit versions
  • Management of budget and credit confirmation/rejection operations
  • Finalization of budget and credit operations
  • Creation of custom and comparative reports based on periods, plans, and programs
  • Reporting on credit balances for each unit or branch of an organization
  • Budget execution reporting.


  • Access for users or user groups for budget and credit operations.