ICMS module

Professional and integrated site builder Integrated Content Management System (ICMS)

How much do you spend annually on maintaining your website? What percentage of this cost is spent on the monthly salary of the programmers you hired as your website developer?

"ICMS", Teamyar's integrated content management system, helps you to manage your website in a flexible and secure way without having to pay exorbitant fees. In the integrated content management system (ICMS), you do not need to upload content to third-party platforms such as WordPress, and you can easily manage the appearance and content of your business website from within your ERP software. Designing and maintaining your website does not require special expertise and can be managed by someone with basic HTML knowledge. This means increased agility and elimination of maintenance and upgrade costs.

Why “ICMS”?


True integrity

ICMS allows you to manage the format, pages and architecture of all your websites directly through your ERP software without going to any third-party portal.


Very high loading speed

Automatically and instantly update your website pages from within your ERP software without the need to reload website content in third-party systems and portals.


Ease of management

Manage your website with only basic knowledge of HTML, without the need for expert and plugin writers.


Reduction in costs

Implement all the changes you need on your website without any need to spend money and time on developing and optimizing interface plugins, purchasing templates, various plugins, etc.


High security

By removing plugins and third-party platforms, keep the data of your website and online customers on secure servers under your control.



Easily present your website, product and service online store, customer information portals, payment portals, news release portals, announcements and business articles to your audience in one URL.


Automation of communication with customers

You can transfer all the information of your website subscribers and customers to the customer relationship management system of your ERP software and define various workflows for them.


Be visible in the frame of your choice

Maybe you are looking for a template similar to the popular sites in the world, or a simple and attractive pre-prepared template that will minimize the time to start your website with a few simple placements of photos and content. Whether you have an online store or a service website, the Teamyar web designer team has prepared a diverse set of different theme templates for your use. Just choose and download your favorite template, and start your website in just a few hours.


Special features of ICMS

  • The possibility of managing the website with mobile, tablet, laptop and computer
  • The possibility of making changes in website pages from within Teamyar ERP
  • The ability to make desired changes in the website format at the moment using Drag and Drop
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of pages without slowing down the loading speed
  • The possibility of defining different accesses to the content archive
  • Very flexible boxy and text structure
  • Easy management of website template and content with just a few clicks
  • Page loading speed in less than one second
  • Support for HTML codes and compatibility with the Bootstrap framework
  • No need for plugins or interface software to manage information
  • Ability to define different workflows for all types of data received from customers
  • Multilingual user interface



Other features

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free public domain
  • Bank of various free templates
  • The ability to customize the template and pages
  • Connect to the desired domain
  • SEO-friendly
  • e-mail marketing
  • Integrated with SMS system
  • Chat system and online support
  • Ability to connect the payment gateway
  • Integrated with analytics
  • Newsletters
  • Free automatic backup
  • Ability to restore previous versions
  • Free update
  • News and articles blog
  • Different sliders in desired dimensions by page
  • Ability to upload video
  • Ability to define user access rights
  • Ability to define management signature before publishing content
  • The possibility of scoring a product or service
  • The possibility of sharing a product or service
  • Unique exclusive link
  • Content category
  • Automatic sitemap


Every visit, a sales opportunity

ICMS allows you to automatically record the information of your website subscribers and customers in your ERP customer communication system and set up various events and programs to maximize the online sales of your products and services. For this, it is enough to deploy the customer relationship management system (CRM) in your organization. With the integration of the ICMS and the customer relationship management system (CRM) of Teamyar, you will be able to use the information received from the forms and users of your portal or site to design various events such as sending promotional emails, sending promotional SMS, defining individual or group discounts and etc.



Publishing, without a single click

In ICMS, the content of your website pages is available in the form of text documents in Teamyar ERP software. ICMS allows you to give different accesses to the users of the organization to approve and manage the content of each page. Users of the organization can chat at each document, share different documents and files, and approve or reject that document.

As soon as the desired changes are applied to the document of each page, without the need for a single click, the content of the corresponding page will be updated on your website. This saves a lot of energy and time needed to modify different pages of your website. In ICMS, you can modify that page immediately on your website at any time of the day and from anywhere just by modifying the document related to each page.