Service Management Line of Business

The after-sales line of business is one of the vital and practical components of TeamyarERP. The unparalleled integration of this system with other lines of business such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales and marketing, finance and accounting, and other processes specifically utilized in various lines of business makes managing after-sales services and achieving customer satisfaction simpler, more agile, and smarter than ever before.

Implementation Possibilities: Cloud-Based and On-Premises

Fully integrated and bidirectional communication with all lines of business

Capability to define and design custom forms based on organizational needs

Suitable for both manufacturing and service organizations

Management of various after-sales service methods (field, online, phone)

Real-time reporting from all systems involved in the after-sales service process.

After sales service business line

Integrated with All Lines of Business

The after-sales services line in TeamyarERP leverages the powerful engine of TeamyarERP. ERP designed to manage complex and heavy business lines, such as customized production. This means that with this software, you can easily manage not only the efficient management of after-sales service processes in your business line but also production management, financial and accounting management, human resource management, customer relationship management, inventory management, supply chain management, purchasing, and other vital processes of your business lines.

Deep and Extensive Customization

Regardless of the industry you are in, you can customize all specific processes of your business lines and implement the unique capabilities of your industry in TeamyarERP and the after-sales services line. You can also integrate your other organizational software with TeamyarERP and view their data within your organizational software.

Monitoring After-Sales Service Processes

With the various and practical dashboards of TeamyarERP and its after-sales services line, you can always stay informed about the status of defective parts, returns, products in need of repair and replacement, service technician status, warranty and guarantee status, and more. You can have various statistics on the status of your services and warranties in real-time.

Centralized Data and Workflow Management

All your processes and workflows in TeamyarERP are stored in centralized and accessible databases for all members of the organization, with access levels defined, of course. This capability allows you and your organization members to always have access to the necessary data.

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