Sales Management Line Of Business

The sales business line in TeamyarERP has evolved to meet the essential needs of users. This sales business line in Teamyar allows sales managers to stay informed in real-time about customer statuses, orders, invoices, and settlements. The direct connection of this system with marketing and CRM also enables senior managers to design customer-centric marketing campaigns and track existing leads. The speed and intelligence of this module, along with its integration with all business units, equip your organization's sales team with a powerful tool that gives them a competitive edge in the market.

Cloud-based and Dedicated Deployment Options
TeamyarERP offers flexibility through both cloud-based and dedicated deployment options.

Deep and Extensive Customization
Define sales centers as required, providing flexibility in your sales structure.

Create Custom Reports
Generate custom reports to meet your unique reporting needs.

Direct Integration with CRM
Direct integration with CRM for seamless customer relationship management.

Direct Integration with Inventory and Automatic Dispatch Orders
Direct integration with the inventory unit and automatic dispatch order generation.

Direct Integration with Purchasing
Direct integration with the purchasing unit for streamlined operations.

Direct Integration with Finance and Accounting
Direct integration with the finance and accounting unit for financial management.

Direct Integration with After-Sales Services
Direct integration with the after-sales services unit for efficient support.

Real-time Access to Sales Data
Access up-to-date sales data at any moment.

Equipped with Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting Tools
Create statistical, descriptive, and analytical reports (e.g., TTMS, seasonal, sales variance) with the included Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities.

Sales business line

Sales from Anywhere and Anytime

The primary and superior advantages of the sales business line in TeamyarERP, compared to competitors, are its ability to offer cloud-based access and unparalleled integration between different sections. Cloud-based access allows managers to manage sales processes from anywhere and at any time, simply by having an internet-connected smart device. The integration of these systems also enables managers to advance order and customer-related tasks in real-time, freeing up their time from routine tasks, as sales business line operations in TeamyarERP are automated.

Unparalleled Variety of Reports

In the sales business line in TeamyarERP, you will have access to nearly any type of report you need. You can view these reports from the link provided above. If you require a report tailored exclusively to your organization, don't worry. With the TeamyarERP report builder tool, you can create custom and even combined reports to make strategic decisions.

Automation, from Marketing to Finance

The intelligence of TeamyarERP and its sales business line allows you to automate your most critical to routine sales processes. This automation covers processes from marketing to financial management. In TeamyarERP, sales invoices are generated simultaneously with inventory dispatch orders, and the management of sales leads starts simultaneously with their creation in CRM. Processes are defined once and automated, leaving you in control.

Flexible and Dynamic

In TeamyarERP, you can implement the latest technologies and digital tools in your software and integrate them with various organizational processes. Teamyar's free weekly updates continually add new capabilities and prepare it for more applications and processes.

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