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The process of designing new products is a complex, time-consuming, and specialized endeavor. Efficiently managing the processes involved can save a significant amount of time and energy for your organization's product development teams. TeamyarERP, by offering project management systems, document management, and organizational knowledge systems, and integrating them with other crucial systems in R&D processes, leads to substantial cost savings in terms of time and finances for your organization.

Implementation Options: Cloud-Based and Custom

Access Project Data Anywhere, Anytime

Custom Application Development

Creating Integration Among Product Development Teams

Fostering Agility in Design and Development Processes

Real-Time Recording of All Project Stages and Documents

Instant Access to All Project Documents

Effective Management of Intra-Team and Inter-Departmental Projects

Research and development business line TeamyarERP

What do you need for product development management?

Product development is a process where powerful communication and accessibility of information play a key role. TeamyarERP, equipped with potent and practical tools for coordination and making information accessible, plays a significant role in simplifying the product development management processes. Product development managers in TeamyarERP have tools for project management, intra and inter-organizational communication, document and organizational knowledge management, task management, etc. Alongside all these, the BI reporting tool also assists managers in enhancing the pace and quality of oversight and project advancement.

Product development project management; easier than ever before

The research and development software of TeamyarERP offers unparalleled features to managers and supervisors of product development for managing vital and critical new product development projects. The ability to manage projects precisely, defining the distinct roles of different individuals, combined with Gantt charts and project breakdown, provides transparent and accurate information to the heads of different projects.

Time and cost management, feasibility, research and development, trial production, and sales

Teamyar's product development management enables trial production in the production module and project management, along with full integration of the documents module, cost accounting, accounting, budget, quality, and product. It provides businesses with the ability for time and cost management, feasibility studies, research and development, trial production, and sales.

Product development process management in the context of a project with the ability to manage costs at each stage

Teamyar's product development management provides the ability to create projects with various business categories (as per requirements) to define projects related to them and manage the project costs."

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