Human Capital Management Line Of Business

Without a doubt, the most valuable asset of any organization is its human capital, and utilizing modern and practical tools is a fundamental solution for intelligent recruitment, responsible retention, and enhancing their capabilities. The Human Resources line of business in TeamyarERP, with its unique capabilities, the most important of which is its integration with all lines of business, provides HR managers and business owners with an exceptional tool for effective management of the organization's most vital asset.

Integrated with all departments and lines of business

Offered in both cloud and dedicated forms

Mobile application

Flexible with the ability to develop new features by the user

Extensive customization options based on changing business needs

Implementable in all types of organizations, from service-oriented to manufacturing

Ability to manage various work modes (in-person, remote, hybrid)

Real-time communication with all members of the organization

Effective management of processes and workflows

Agile with high-volume data processing capabilities

Scalable and ready for business growth

Accurate and in-depth reporting

Automation of recruitment, management, and employee retention processes

Human capital business line

From Hiring to Retirement

TeamyarERP's Human Resources line of business is designed to manage the entire cycle of recruitment and human resource management. This tool serves as both an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), a tool for employee training management, a performance measurement tool, and a tool for managing payments, leaves, missions, work shifts, and everything else that HR managers and business owners need. With TeamyarERP's Human Resources line of business, you can easily and transparently manage all aspects of your organization, from designing employment forms, recruitment tests, resume evaluations, creating files for new hires, managing legal and contractual appointments, payment management, to employee motivation management, as well as managing processes for employee exits and retirement.

Unique Reports

Organizational HR managers need various practical reports to more effectively manage the organization's most valuable assets. One way to understand the efficiency of organizational processes for human resource management is to use various reports. In TeamyarERP, these reports are divided into two sections for managers: predefined reports and reports created by managers themselves. TeamyarERP freely allows managers to create unique reports based on their needs.

An All-in-One Toolbox

TeamyarERP's Human Resources line of business not only provides diverse and practical tools for human resource management but can also be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. Additionally, TeamyarERP's unique capabilities allow you to make necessary changes and customizations without relying on Teamyar experts.


The most significant advantage of TeamyarERP is its unparalleled integration across lines of business. This integration allows businesses to manage their HR processes without regard to their size or the number of their human resources. TeamyarERP's Human Resources line of business is one of the modules of the Teamyar ERP software that has direct two-way communication with all systems and modules involved in various human resource management processes, such as financial and accounting systems, administrative automation, organizational portals, and more.

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