Business Intelligence & Reporting Line Of Business

Reports are the primary reliable source of data you need for decision-making. The greater the diversity and accuracy of these reports, the better and more effective decisions you can make. One of the main advantages of TeamyarERP is its incredibly diverse and accurate reports. The platform for creating these reports is Teamyar's Business Intelligence (BI), which provides you with unparalleled flexibility and power. Another significant advantage of TeamyarERP is the ability to create custom and unique reports—reports that you design for your specific needs. There are two important tools in TeamyarERP for this task: the "Bot" module and the Teamyar Report Builder.

Capability to present reports in both cloud and dedicated forms

Custom application

Creating custom reports using the BI platform

Creating unique reports using Teamyar's "Bot" feature

Capability to receive reports statistically, analytically, and descriptively

Ability to define specific reports

Viewing data online in various report formats on your management dashboard

Reports and business intelligence

Generate Reports from Any Data Source

The direct connection of the Report Builder module to Teamyar's centralized and powerful database allows you to generate various reports from almost any module you have in your TeamyarERP organization. From payroll reports in the Human Resources module to complex production reports like OEE and more.

Create Custom Reports

The most important and essential reports you need are available by default in TeamyarERP. However, you can create your own custom reports and use their data for decision-making about your organization.

Equipped with Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence (BI) is a crucial advantage for businesses striving for a competitive edge in the market. BI in TeamyarERP forms the foundation for all its important reports, providing you with the assurance of having a powerful and user-friendly tool at your disposal.

Always Accessible

You can access the reports you need anytime and from anywhere. All you need is a smart device and an internet connection. TeamyarERP's cloud-based offering and its dedicated application allow you to have access to your required reports at any hour of the day or night.

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